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Spelling to Communicate

Spelling to Communicate (S2C) is a form of Assistive Technology that supports individuals who are non-speaking or unreliably speaking. S2C teaches purposeful motor skills to point to letters to spell as a reliable form of communication. Current research (Torres, 2019) suggests that those with autism and other sensory motor differences have inefficient motor and sensory feedback to coordinate their brain and body to work together in a purposeful way. We call this the “brain-body disconnect”. With practice and alongside rigorously trained and skilled practitioners, individuals become more fluent and build new motor pathways between the brain and body. As a result, purposeful motor skills improve and individuals move from pointing to letters to typing on the keyboard. Responses also move from concrete to more abstract allowing for individual expression and original thoughts from the speller.

Parents are also supported by the practitioner so skills can be transferred to home and other environments. Additionally, communication and regulation partners (CRP’s) or those that are not parents or caregivers, can also be trained for spellers who need support outside of the home environment – school, college, work etc. Click HERE to learn more about parent CRP coaching.