Ocular Motor Skills

We rely on our visual system for everything that we do. It is essentially our “window to the world”. We use this system to communicate, take in our environmental surroundings, and develop a strong body map to understand how our body relates to the world around us. When our visual system is disorganized, the result can affect many areas of our day to day life.

Ocular motor skills are different than visual acuity or eyesight. Visual acuity or eyesight refers to how well we can see. We may have sufficient eyesight, but have inefficient vision. We need efficient ocular motor skills for tasks such as reading and hand eye coordination. Eye tracking (oculomotility), eye teaming (binocularity), focusing (accommodation), visual motor integration, and visual perception are all necessary for success at school, work and extracurricular activities.

Our therapists will complete assessments to determine specific ocular motor intervention plans and include ocular motor specific goals to target the clients ocular motor differences.