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Ingenuity Fitness

“I think it is essential to work on fitness and flexibility for autistic people in a regular program”

Ido Kedar, Autistic Advocate and Author

Fitness is important for all of us to support a healthy lifestyle. Individuals with sensory and motor differences benefit from a fitness program as well. Increasing muscle tone, strength, and flexibility are an essential part of our Ingenuity Fitness program. Client and coaches work together to develop goals that are individualized. Our program supports purposeful motor skills and brain-body connection so that our clients can engage in their chosen activities.

We have individualized 1:1 training sessions in addition to group training sessions. Both incorporate training methods such as CrossFit, Yoga, Flexibility/Stretching, and Strengthening. Our clients range in age from 6 years through adult. See our calendar for current training and group schedules.